Be careful of rogue FireFox Extensions

Today I was working on a website application and I saw a strange thing happen with a date checking related library called moment.js where it was calling a website to get some usage statistics. Well, that’s what I thought was the case initially…

I have a few ad blockers installed in my browser, and so that was a good indication something wasn’t right, especially that traffic was flowing to when it was a locally hosted website.

This got me looking and digging through my own code a lot, until I loaded the same page in Chrome.

Strangely enough, it wasn’t there…

This was a good thing.

Eventually I was able to load the JS in a debug in Firefox and discover it was actually a FF Addon called “YouTube Downloader” version 4.5 to be exact.

Oddly enough there was no homepage associated with it as well.

I tried disabling it and re-enabling it and the problem went and returned. Bingo.

I haven’t been able to find it again since, and in my attempt to disable it, I actually ended up removing it.


This rogue Add-on posts content like the following:



And also other stuff like this too


Anyway, I just thought I’d post it as a warning and in case someone else has this problem.

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