Audition Hard limiter not working – solved (kinda)

For my job, I work in radio broadcasting, and sometimes I have to create imaging for stations. For my workflow, this involves an Audition session with about 10 tracks, and close to a hundred or more audio files. I recently had a huge amount of trouble in successfully mixing down the audio to the point... Continue Reading →

A great Windows 10 default file association alternative

If you've come from the Windows 3 era, and come through the ranks to the latest version of Windows of 10 or 11, you'll know that the default file association editor has changed recently, and is horrendous to use. I've discovered a recent little gem called 'Types' and it's simple, small and works. When I... Continue Reading →

Getting YouTube videos to play again in Ionic6

*** To get the working explanation, continue down the page *** History:For the longest time, it was as simple as adding a few lines of code. $ ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-youtube-video-player $ npm install @awesome-cordova-plugins/youtube-video-player But, back in mid 2021, this changed and since then, videos haven't worked properly, or at all for iOS... Continue Reading →

So, the i7 MacMini crashed today ~ BigSur 11.6.2 (20G314)

This morning my computer wouldn't boot - at all. I just had a boot loop essentially. After booting to the recovery options I did a Hard disk First Aid, and it recovered some Time Machine session corrections (or whatever they were called) and eventually I then restarted the computer, to which it actually loaded. Very... Continue Reading →

Pi-Hole = no ads…

I decided to test out pi-hole for my raspberry pi, and see if I could stop ads. Well, on basic testing it's working. After testing a few sites, I needed for find an Australian website blocker. I found a short list here: As per the feed here: It worked. I also added the full... Continue Reading →


Up until recently, I was happily running GLPI on my server, and all was good... until I upgraded the software... Yes, the upgrade worked, but... Up until recently, the application has been running fine, but now, it has the following message: Use of mysqlnd driver is required for exchanges with the MySQL server.L'utilisation du driver... Continue Reading →

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