Apple Silicon for Devs M1?

I don’t have any of the new Apple M1 silicon devices. This is on the cards, but first, I have to investigate this.

So, I write this in the unknown, as not many are talking about how this will be for developers.

It’s Just YouTubers doing video benchmarking. which will suite their workflows.

Firstly, Ionic/Angular and Node.

There are many questions, and answers are slowly creeping in.

The questions about running Homebrew…. Can be done? Yes… But, not everything is working as yet. But, see more here.

The other question remains about Ionic. Apparently it works fine for dev work and the localhost server for testing, but “A B” said in the comments said it didn’t build.

This is a pretty big thing, and a show stopping if it’s the case. So we shall see.

Apparently Docker has experimental facilities to run as well, but it’s only experimental, so do be aware of that.

There is also very limited virtualisation available too. So far, no VirtualBox.
Read more here on this stuff though.

Anyway, these are some initial thoughts. Still waiting for more information on all this.

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