About Steve

This blog is going to take a whole new level, as I explore the world, in my little region.

You wonder who I am and where I’ve been? Well, that is a never ending question, as I am random, forgetful but also loyal. I have traveled to many places, but still want to see some more.

Join me on this journey of life for a small insight in to how someone else lives.

I put a little summary together here: http://bluetomatomedia.com/about



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  1. Hi Steve,

    Hope you are well!
    I thought your post would save my life but it didn’t probably due to myself that is reading it.

    I’ve bought a gtx 770 4gb and tried to install it in my macpro 3.1. I’ve plugged the 2 6to8 pin adaptors to the power cables in the mac and connected them to the gpu card.
    The blue light lights up but nothing happens. It looks like the screen is not connected to the card.

    Any ideas on what might have happened along the process?
    Are you based in the UK by any chance?

    Joao Monteiro

    1. Hi Joao,
      Sorry to hear it’s not working. Firstly, I’m in Australia…
      When you boot the computer with these non-mac-bios-flashed cards (basically a PC card), you won’t get a boot logo. I’m pretty sure it will still chime when successful though.
      The difference I have is the 2Gig version (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 2048 MB).
      I have a 4,1 MacPro, not a 3,1, but I don’t think should matter as they are both Intel architectures.

      Did you have the latest NVidia CUDA drivers installed before you started?

      This may help too: http://forums.macrumors.com/threads/compatible-video-cards-for-mac-pro-3-1-early-2008.1345150/
      They talk about lack of power for the card? I was concerned about the draw on the power supply for mine too, so only opted for the 2G instead of the 4G.

      1. Hi,
        Thanks for getting back to me.

        Yes I believe so, I’ve installed the web drivers from nvidea with cuda and open gl.
        I’m now updating my os to el captain as I’ve read someone saying (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6pEmIiN4Co) that you need the latest OS installed in order for it to function. Not sure if it will do the trick.

        The worst part is that I bought two cards one for each macpro I have… so that I could run octane renderer. I see you do some after effects as well.

        Well hope this will work, if not I guess I’ll have to re-sell them and by something less strong for my oldies.

        Thanks a lot

  2. Hello Stephen,

    I am writting my comment here as I don’t find where to post it otherwhere …

    I wanted to THANK YOU so much for your article ” Be careful of rogue FireFox Extensions – Posted on September 15, 2020″ !!!!!

    It is 2 weeks, that I was searching what this “smartredirect.de/redir/…” was…

    So, I have removed “Youtube Downloader” too..

    May I suggest you should reference your Post to “Youtube Downloader” Add-on, so I am sure, it well help a lot of people…

    PS sorry for my “English” .. which, hopefully, is enough understandable to you 😉

    Thanks thanks again !!

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