Running Catalina on a MacPro 4,1->5,1

I’ll start by saying that I tried, succeeded, and then reverted to High Sierra.

This is not a how to guide, as there are plenty of sites dedicated to that, but this is my journey.

It started my journey with a new 2TB SSD which I cloned my current OS to. It rebooted fine, and everything was great.

I then proceeded to the latest and greatest of Catalina.

Following the instructions from dosdude, it eventually worked. But I ran in to a few minor hiccups.

The computer wouldn’t boot properly with my graphics card of gtx 770.

Once that came out it went to the login screen.

After that it went a little interesting.
Not everything worked.

There are the obvious 32 bit programs that won’t run, but is more than that.
My presonus studio192 wasn’t found, a show stopper, and I got a billion notifications to authorise things.
Filr crashed.

Dark and light mode are still screwy too.
There are no NVidia drivers available or compatible.

In the end I conclude that it’s just not worth the upgrade.

The gains do not outweigh the losses.

Instead of installing catalina and using vms for 32bit programs, I’ll go the other way and use catalina in a vm, and see how that goes, now that I have a 2TB ssd. 😊

As a side note, my GTX770 card has still been working these years without problems, it’s just lack of driver support that will continue now with future versions of the OS X.

Other than that, it all works well. Oh, and computer has had its cpu tray updated since the gfx card upgrade.

But, this is really just a good excuse to vacuum the insides.

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