Making a small quid at car parks

I had a thought the other day, and technically you could make it work.

Legally it may or may not work, but if anything you’ll probably just upset the car park owner in doing this exercise.

I’ve never been very good at being an entrepreneur before – so here’s my hypothetical quirky idea.

So… here’s the thing… the car park you’ve been using for using forever to park your car in in the morning, and then catch the bus to where you work has just put tolls and ticket machines everywhere which say the “first 4 hours free” limit. That sucks right? You work 8 hours, and so you need at least 10 hours to have your car stored for free… So now, your commute to work is going to have to change.

What if though… (queue the imagination music)

So you meet up with someone who sits outside the car park all day and charges you $10 to manage your car. You give them $10 and they park the car in the free car park. You go to work, via the bus/train. Then after work, you come back to the car park. That someone then gets your car, and you go home – doing what you’d previously done.

So what happens with your car during the day? Well, every 3 hours, that person moves the car out of the car park and finds a new spot for it, all the time keeping well within the 4 hour time block listed on the ticket.

It’s a win win for everyone. He makes $10 from you and although it’s a small increase to you from before, it’s better than the $40 (or however much) for parking 8 hours in the car park or parking in the underground car park in the city at an even higher rate.

So here’s the thing. Say someone was to do this “car management”, you’d only need to have 10 cars to manage. You could make $100 a day and keep 10 people happy.

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