A great feature that Dreamweaver lacks

After browsing this page, I got thinking about the current workflow I have.

I have and use the best (and worst) of both worlds in Mac and Windows. Mac at home, and Windows at work. At home I use Dreamweaver CS5.5 and Notepad++ at work. I use a MAMP setup at home and upload everything to a local intranet at work, but preview everything in FF/Chrome/IE/Opera and every other browser.

I have the tag/syntax autocompletes off as it gets frustrating when you are going back to edit things with copy and paste in multiple places and using code like:

echo $var . “<b>bla</b>”; //etc, and it just gets a little lost…

I never use the built-in preview thing in Dreamweaver. Why? Even with dual screens, it’s not efficient. People don’t browse the net in a Dreamweaver preview window…

Editing pure HTML is fine, but using the Live view is useless when using dynamic PHP on a local server(or remote for that matter), which require lots of data from other files and mysql databases. Last time I tried, it unfortunately just didn’t work.

The biggest thing I want to see in Dreamweaver is where you double click on a variable (as can be done in NP++) and all of them in the document highlight. It is such a great feature and I use it constantly.

Why use it constantly? Well, because I highlight the variable and then scroll up and down the page, and I can see straight away where that highlighted text is. There is less need to use “find” and have the cursor ‘jump’ to somewhere in the document, where you then have to try and locate your spot again.

Have a look at these two screen shots, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

The above is Dreamweaver CS5.5

This is Notepad++.

Notice the same code, yet in Dreamweaver, it doesn’t automatically highlight the selected text.

5 thoughts on “A great feature that Dreamweaver lacks

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  1. Complètement d’accord avec ce post. Je cherche désespérément une solution pour avec cette fonction dans Dreamweaver.

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