A great feature that Dreamweaver lacks

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After browsing this page, I got thinking about the current workflow I have.

I have and use the best (and worst) of both worlds in Mac and Windows. Mac at home, and Windows at work. At home I use Dreamweaver CS5.5 and Notepad++ at work. I use a MAMP setup at home and upload everything to a local intranet at work, but preview everything in FF/Chrome/IE/Opera and every other browser.

I have the tag/syntax autocompletes off as it gets frustrating when you are going back to edit things with copy and paste in multiple places and using code like:

echo $var . “<b>bla</b>”; //etc, and it just gets a little lost…

I never use the built-in preview thing in Dreamweaver. Why? Even with dual screens, it’s not efficient. People don’t browse the net in a Dreamweaver preview window…

Editing pure HTML is fine, but using the Live view is useless when using dynamic PHP on a local server(or remote for that matter), which require lots of data from other files and mysql databases. Last time I tried, it unfortunately just didn’t work.

The biggest thing I want to see in Dreamweaver is where you double click on a variable (as can be done in NP++) and all of them in the document highlight. It is such a great feature and I use it constantly.

Why use it constantly? Well, because I highlight the variable and then scroll up and down the page, and I can see straight away where that highlighted text is. There is less need to use “find” and have the cursor ‘jump’ to somewhere in the document, where you then have to try and locate your spot again.

Have a look at these two screen shots, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

The above is Dreamweaver CS5.5

This is Notepad++.

Notice the same code, yet in Dreamweaver, it doesn’t automatically highlight the selected text.


The best file management utility for Mac OSX

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Having grown up with a computer in the house, I become very proficient with command based systems, from using the old Point and Shoot menu system to writing DOS batch files and other various things, in not only qbasic, but yes, even gw-basic, I was kind of nerdy.

Why tell you this? Well, these DOS based systems were fantastic and very powerful in their ability to batch process things, find and locate things – all with the use of the keyboard. One such product I highly miss on the GUI platforms we all use today is that of XTreeGold, and products like it.

There is a program written by an Australian called ZTree, which is almost identical in it’s use, look and feel, but with modern day architectures for handling larger files, and massive directory structures, utf8 files etc. All this is great if you are using a Windows platform of some sort. You could and can run it in an emulated environment, but it’s not entirely optimal at times.

However, if you are using Apple platforms, there aren’t too many options available like this that I’ve found with the same power and ability as Ztree. There is one which is similar, but no-where near. That program is muCommander.

Update: May 30th 2015
The muCommander project is basically dead now. However, the project has been picked up again and forked: http://trolsoft.ru/en/soft/trolcommander/
It looks worth checking out!

Just this week I made a purchase of a Lacie 5Big 2 on special at $369 to start using it as a permanent backup device. With a few teething issues to sort through from it, I found that my biggest problems have been keeping the connection to the device alive. It seems that because it’s a network device, it just likes to drop out every 10 hours or something – something I’m going to investigate and look at to fix.

So, now on to our main point of the article.

With so much data to back up, of videos, photos and audio, the Lacie drive is something I basically needed to prevent data failure. When you have lots of data to copy and transfer, you will find it’s going to take a long time.

One of the biggest problems with the OSX Finder program is that it can’t handle file errors very well when copying files. If it finds an error, it basically stops. No options to continue or anything. This is useless if you are copying terrabytes of data, and you don’t know where the files stop, what was copied, and what had the error, or why… It’s painful and is not the tool for the job.

The main reason I like muCommander, is that it gives you options of what to do when things stop working. The most common error I got when copying the data, was “Error, can’t copy file X” or something to that affect. What the? As it turns out, the connection to the Lacie drive had been dropped. By what? Not sure. I’m suspecting the computer was at fault. But, either way, once I re-established the connection, I was able to hit retry in muCommander and the process continued.

You can’t do that in Finder!

Another problem associated with these kinds of large copying is associated to when things go wrong. In Finder, when you copy a file, the folder becomes greyed out and unavailable for browsing until the copying has finished. So, what happens when it breaks and the files are still there, but you can’t view the contents? You have to get nerdy… I had it happen to a few directories.

You can easily solve this problem when it gets broken. I found the solution here. For the executive summary and easy fix, just do this:

Open Terminal:

type in something to this affect and you should be right:

$ SetFile -d 06/13/2011 /PATH/

As it turns out, when Finder is copying files, to let the GUI know that it’s being used, it changes the date to 06/13/1946. So, basically, you just change the date, and the folder will come back to normal.

As a little side note. I found this brilliant little program called FinderPath. Load it, and the path at the top of the Finder bar becomes editable – just like Windows Explorer. A tool for the power user! Highly recommended.

Stop & turning in to & – solution

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Recently I had to solve a painful problem using PHP and Javascript.

I discovered that trying to pass, or create a URL with &val=val was becoming &amp;=val and couldn’t find a way to fix it.
As I was implementing the script in to a Joomla site, it was becoming automatic. Without the Joomla integration, it worked ok. It was very strange, but I have now found the solution.

This was how I solved the problem, using substring(0,1).
Here’s an example of how to maybe use this code.
function callAJAX()
        var var_Date = document.getElementById('DateAJAX').value;    
        var l2 = '&type=' + <?php echo $type; ?>; 
        var l2=l2.substring(0,1) + '<?php echo "type="  . $type; ?>';  // stupid js fix 
        jsfunction('ajaxdiv', 'phpfilename.php?date=' +var_Date + l2,'<? echo $num; ?>'); 

The URL will result in something like this:



I hope this helps all the other geeky boffins out there .


Ahmadinejad hails imminent arrival of ‘Ultimate Savior, Jesus Christ’

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Hello, I’ve noticed that I’ve never written anything like this before, but I was watching the tv tonight, and had one of those “Ah ha!” moments… So, I decided to scribble down a few thoughts.

I’m someone who likes to keep my eye on the news, not for the local news about neighbours fighting with each other, or councils who won’t fix roads, or which is the best toothbrush to buy, but on world events and other newsworthy happenings.

As such, a recent story happened at the UN security council last week where the President of Iran gave a speech; which may even be his last if they are not re-elected again.
He stated the Jesus Christ will be coming back again soon, (http://english.alarabiya.net/articles/2012/09/26/240346.html) and that their Islamic prophet will teach Jesus how to pray and so on… Basically one part truth to 1000 parts heresy.
Here’s the thing though, Ahmadinejad sees it as his duty to usher in the Shiite Muslim’s messiah, the 12th Imam. Frightening stuff if you don’t know about any of this that is already foretold.

Israel will have a war on its hand soon, yet ultimately The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will win the victory – over Satan and his false teaching.

If you know much about the book of Revelation from the Bible, you will read that it states about the mark of the Beast, where his number is 666. (http://biblia.com/books/nkjv/Re13.17-18) Now, there is some controversy about this
explanation here, so I would encourage you to watch the video and see for yourself. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtquNNEO7Fw)

Now with the assumption that you’ve watched the video, this is where it will get interesting. We’ve seen the whole uprising in the Middle East and surrounding areas in the last couple of years, and with it, even in the last few weeks, with the latest short movie (terrible film if you ask me) released about the Islamic prophet. The area is primed and the people are united by their faith and devotion to their leader and prophet. All the pieces are in the puzzle. It just needs to be clicked together.

When Christ returns, he will not be answering to another prophet from any other religion, he will take is faithful home, and the world will be in shambles.

Want to know what’s going to happen?

A leader will mysteriously show up and usher in a new world order of calm, and bring back stability to the world after absolute chaos erupts. Not war, chaos. The Catholic Church will endorse this new leader and thus fulfil Revelation 12. Did I hear you say heresy? Not quite… have a good read of this lengthy document and enjoy the reading. http://www.chick.com/information/religions/catholicism/sevenhills.asp

So does this mean?

It means, the Catholic church will still be here after the Rapture, and probably saying along the lines of “It can’t be the return of Christ, because we are still here”. Take heed and note that they will assist the new world leader, and there will be dangerous times ahead. The new leader will have power like you won’t believe, and it will be very dangerous times to be living in, especially for your soul.

They Catholic church endorses other faiths, as does their popes and cardinals, deacons or whatever term they use… All roads do NOT lead to God, and strangely enough, the Catholic church doesn’t engage or endorse the teaching of the evangelical world of the Christian Faith… why is that? Jesus clearly said, “I am the way, the Truth and the Life. Noone may come to the father, except through me”.

We are currently living in a time period, where things in the world have come together at such an alarming pace for the return of Jesus Christ to happen more than ever before in the history of the world!

Go through and read from Matthew 24 and have a look. Many of those things have and are happening right now… We are seeing things mentioned in Revelation that are now possible to happen, that many years ago would never have been possible, such as the internet, cable tv and other mass communication methods, for example, whereby when the two witnesses in the Bible are killed a everyone will be able to see them. How does everyone on earth see two people dead? When Steve Irwin died, every major newspaper in the world carried his photo on the front page… With Facebook, Twitter and real-time news services, we can know news instantly now. 20 years ago, none of this was possible. The book of Daniel is a fascinating book of prophetic writing that is about what has, and is yet to come.

So, interestingly enough, I learnt something recently that I’d never heard. Ever wondered who the 2 witnesses are? Well, it is thought that they could be Moses and Elijah… See this site for a very thought provoking article. (http://www.vision.org.au/the-journey/home-group-notes-elijah-pt-2)

The rise of Islam is happening at an astounding rate, and it’s no surprise. It will eventually overtake the world, by that stage, Christ will have raptured the Church and the masses will be so ignorant of what is happening, or has happened, they will believe anything that they are told.

The strange this is, that if you have a look at the Eschatology in the Bible, and that of the Koran, you will find similarities… only thing is, they are mirroring each other.

Stay alert, be aware. Jesus Christ will return again soon. Be ready.

Keep your tin foil hats off for this bumpy ride, ’cause it’s about to get a whole lot more interesting!

New Canon 7D firmware 2.0.0

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It is with a slight sense of excitement that I write this, because after owning a 7D for many years, they have finally updated the firmware in the camera to include the single biggest feature it lacked.

The 7D now has manual audio level control!!

Why is this significant you ask?

When it comes to filming, picture quality is very important, however, as a bit of an audio phreak for quality, the 7D didn’t cut it at all. Why? Because it has a feature known as auto gain…

What auto gain does is detects the volume of the audio, and if it’s quiet, it boosts the levels. Now suppose you are in a quiet room, and you want the audio to have no noise in the background? Tough luck. The camera auto turns up the detection of the quietness, and bam! You hear sounds that weren’t there all of a sudden.

This new manual feature is of huge benefit to all the 7D users.

Thanks heaps Canon!!!

Here’s my update photos…







Whoa, didn’t know the Muppets worked at NASA!!!

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Mars muppets meme
Fortunately I had a secret camera at NASA and took this photo. Strangely enough it was never officially released…

Mars Curiosity

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Exciting stuff that they did at NASA. Sorry to say though… Buzz beat them years ago.