Ionic 3 Background Geolocation

It's taken a long time to get to this stage, but this is just the start... After having followed the instructions on this site, I got a long way. But, I also only got so far as well... Here is a copy of my "home.ts" file for an app.   import { Component } from... Continue Reading →

Leaflet Performance issues

I'm really enjoying working with Leaflet at the moment, but this problem had plagued me for days, where all of a sudden, my performance levels dropped to almost nothing. Basically I went from this: { maxZoom: 111, drawControl: true, watch:true, enableHighAccuracy:true }).on('locationfound', (e) => { this.locationdata = { "coords":{"latitude":, "longitude": e.latlng.lng, "accuracy" :... Continue Reading →

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