node-sass ionic nodejs error fix

Sometimes you go on a bug fixing journey and get no-where. Like always, when I find a solution to a lengthy problem, I write it up so I can remember it later. I had this error show up, after doing an update to the latest version of Ionic, and for over an hour and a... Continue Reading →

DOSBOX Autoexec.bat

This took me a while to locate on my computer, but I eventually found it, and I'll share the location and what I've done. The current official wiki is here, but it seems to not reflect my current situation. The settings for me are located here: /Users/stephenmonro/Library/Preferences/DOSBox 0.74 Preferences This is a text file, and... Continue Reading →


After playing with the Fusio project for a while, and trying it out in probably the most unorthodox way, and trying to read between the lines with the documentation, I've managed to get a list of data from the php_sandbox. For example, this is the php code: <?php $connection = $connector->getConnection('System'); $id = (int)$request->getParameters('user_id'); $another_string... Continue Reading →

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