Amazing what the internet can find – Vinyl Cutter Drivers

I've recently got a vinyl cutter, and so have gone down the path of trying things out. I bought some software to use with it, and played with a few drivers and boom, it worked... until the other day. Yesterday, I thought I'd swap things over to my laptop on High Sierra. Suddenly, the cutter... Continue Reading →

Get MP3 ID3 Metadata from remote URLS

Firstly, I didn't create this, I've just making it easy to understand with a full example. You can read more of it here, but only because of To begin, download this library from here: when you open the zip folder, you'll see 'getid3'. Save that folder in to your working folder. Next, create... Continue Reading →

RGB Lights for the MAC

I have bought this for 3 bucks. I'll be combining the knowledge from this post: And this video:   And will look at getting some RGB lights And this As well as some joiners. This could be a bit of fun to brighten up my desk set up. :D... Continue Reading →

High Sierra Security Update Jan 2020 Problem

Today, I followed the update procedure of Apple to update to the latest MacOS Security updates. And... it didn't go so well... I tried the old PRAM reset and also an SMC reset as well. It still didn't work. I got in to the recovery part as well, and was able to do a... Continue Reading →

Leaflet Performance issues

I'm really enjoying working with Leaflet at the moment, but this problem had plagued me for days, where all of a sudden, my performance levels dropped to almost nothing. Basically I went from this: { maxZoom: 111, drawControl: true, watch:true, enableHighAccuracy:true }).on('locationfound', (e) => { this.locationdata = { "coords":{"latitude":, "longitude": e.latlng.lng, "accuracy" :... Continue Reading →

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