Apple Silicon for Devs M1?

I don't have any of the new Apple M1 silicon devices. This is on the cards, but first, I have to investigate this. So, I write this in the unknown, as not many are talking about how this will be for developers. It's Just YouTubers doing video benchmarking. which will suite their workflows. Firstly, Ionic/Angular... Continue Reading →

Be careful of rogue FireFox Extensions

Today I was working on a website application and I saw a strange thing happen with a date checking related library called moment.js where it was calling a website to get some usage statistics. Well, that's what I thought was the case initially... I have a few ad blockers installed in my browser, and so... Continue Reading →

Text to Speech WAV

To make this work properly, you need to make sure you have the right speech pack installed: The other thing, is to make sure the voices you want to use are enabled correctly. On Windows 10 - and I have not tested this on anything else, so use it at your own risk! You... Continue Reading →

RGB Lights for the MAC

I have bought this for 3 bucks. I'll be combining the knowledge from this post: And this video:   And will look at getting some RGB lights And this As well as some joiners. This could be a bit of fun to brighten up my desk set up. :D... Continue Reading →

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