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I know this is really premature of me to post something like this, but I've been working on this project for several months now, and it is something that we have stated to use in-house, and so hopefully others will want to use it too. I come from many years of using various radio softwares,... Continue Reading →

Sound4 – Getting metadata in a stream

There are many different ways of getting data in to a web stream using the Sound4 streamers. In my case, I'm using an x4. It has taken a little while to understand how this method presented works, as the documentation requires a bit more clarity - hence why I'm writing this entry. Sound4 have numerous... Continue Reading →

Using SourceTree with AWS CodeCommit

Managed to import my project from AWS to SourceTree. Here's the screenshots workflow. Hopefully this helps you too. How to import AWS codecommit GIT projects with SourceTree. Create a key C:\> ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 After trying to add an AWS repository to a Mac using SourceTree for a few hours - I... Continue Reading →

VMWare Fusion vs VirtualBox CPU consumption

I've used both Fusion and VirtualBox extensively in the past, and after swapping over to VMWare Fusion Free Personal edition, I've discovered something quite interesting. My Current settings: VirtualBox: VirtualBox Graphical User InterfaceVersion 6.1.18 r142142 (Qt5.6.3) VMWare Fusion: Player Version 12.1.2 (17964953) Using VirtualBox on my MacMini 2018 (3.2 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7) with... Continue Reading →

How to export audio between Cue Markers in an Audition 3 multitrack session

This has taken me a little while to figure out, but it's something that I'm surprised Adobe didn't do with Audition 3. The problem arises when you make a multi-track session in Audition 3, and you have put all of your markers on the session, where your exports should be. The question remains for some... Continue Reading →

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