Be careful of rogue FireFox Extensions

Today I was working on a website application and I saw a strange thing happen with a date checking related library called moment.js where it was calling a website to get some usage statistics. Well, that's what I thought was the case initially... I have a few ad blockers installed in my browser, and so... Continue Reading →

ScottPlot is amazing – How to get settings.

I've recently found ScottPlot, and it's amazing. Most things are straight forward, and there's plenty of recipes to try out to get the graphs to do what you want. However, sometimes things aren't as easy as you'd think. No, I may or may not have gone about this the right or original way as the... Continue Reading →

Text to Speech WAV

To make this work properly, you need to make sure you have the right speech pack installed: The other thing, is to make sure the voices you want to use are enabled correctly. On Windows 10 - and I have not tested this on anything else, so use it at your own risk! You... Continue Reading →

RGB Lights for the MAC

I have bought this for 3 bucks. I'll be combining the knowledge from this post: And this video:   And will look at getting some RGB lights And this As well as some joiners. This could be a bit of fun to brighten up my desk set up. :D... Continue Reading →

High Sierra Security Update Jan 2020 Problem

Today, I followed the update procedure of Apple to update to the latest MacOS Security updates. And... it didn't go so well... I tried the old PRAM reset and also an SMC reset as well. It still didn't work. I got in to the recovery part as well, and was able to do a... Continue Reading →

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