The blog is back

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It’s been a long while, but now that I’ve found my blog again, it will be making a comeback.

Thankyou to all who had followed in the past.


Ah, Christmas. Not long now!

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Ah, I love this time. As I look in the bank account and wonder how I’m going to afford things, I smile and remember that it’s seasonal.For good reason too. I’m very fortunate that I’ve got a close/tight family and lots of them and that we all get on well, without fights and things that I know other people have to go through.We had yet another family do Sunday, with probably 30+ people all crammed in to my Auntie’s house. Did I know them all? No. Does it worry me that I don’t? Not really. It’s just great to be there amongst it all. This was once again, one section of my tree. Grandpa’s side. So his brothers and their kids, kids etc…But it’s made me wonder I guess. What should I get people for Christmas. Now there is no way I’m going to be buying for the entire family, just my immediate family and a couple of selected others. But what do you get for everyone? Do you regift? Or are the usual socks and jocks too far out of the question? This year it’s a bit different.Andy’s now married and moved out, so with Christmas being a little different, we buying presents differently this year. We buy a (or many) present(s) for 1 person up to a certain value, and that way we don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on stuff that people don’t want or need.I’ve already got mine organised. And I didn’t even select it! Very nice I thought. I’ve just got to pay for it now.Completely changing the topic now, I’m going to be house sitting for the next few weeks in Doncaster. Which will be a nice little change, instead of driving a long way each day in traffic for work.Work has been really great recently. I’m doing stuff I love with some awesome people and I just enjoy it. What more could ya want really?