Up until recently, I was happily running GLPI on my server, and all was good... until I upgraded the software... Yes, the upgrade worked, but... Up until recently, the application has been running fine, but now, it has the following message: Use of mysqlnd driver is required for exchanges with the MySQL server.L'utilisation du driver... Continue Reading →

Restarting the MacOS audio drivers

There's rare occasions when the virtual sound card that I use (Loopback - which is amazing by the way!) has a complete stoppage of sound. I can't play anything. I have no idea why, or what causes it. I try cycling through the system audio sound devices, of my Studio192, the built in speaker, my... Continue Reading →

Using SourceTree with AWS CodeCommit

Managed to import my project from AWS to SourceTree. Here's the screenshots workflow. Hopefully this helps you too. How to import AWS codecommit GIT projects with SourceTree. Create a key C:\> ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 After trying to add an AWS repository to a Mac using SourceTree for a few hours - I... Continue Reading →

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