StationPlaylist Hooks

To get your station really singing, I'd suggest using Hooks. What is a hook you say? A hook is a 10 second snippet of the meat of the song, such as the bit that gets stuck in your head, or a snippet of the chorus or similar. So, how does this make the station sound... Continue Reading →

Reading and Writing Settings.ini files in Vb.NET

Probably the easiest way to read and write settings.ini files in VB.NET is with a little bit of code from NuGET from MarioZ called This is a section that I wrote using the examples to check and see if values exist, before writing a default settings file. Imports MadMilkman.Ini Public Class Form1 Private Sub... Continue Reading →

Converting DOS Date/Time in C# stored as HEX

Here's some crazy programming that will do your head in, for it's storage efficiency. public void Main { DateTime now = DateTime.Now; int yearnowfix = (now.Year + 20); string[] theArray = { yearnowfix.ToString().Substring(2), now.Month.ToString(), now.Day.ToString(), now.Hour.ToString(), now.Minute.ToString(), now.Second.ToString() }; Console.WriteLine(PlayDateConversion_ToHex(theArray)); } public string PlayDateConversion_ToHex(String[] HumanDate) { String DateHEX = ""; // Convert the array to... Continue Reading →

Text to Speech WAV

To make this work properly, you need to make sure you have the right speech pack installed: The other thing, is to make sure the voices you want to use are enabled correctly. On Windows 10 - and I have not tested this on anything else, so use it at your own risk! You... Continue Reading →

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