Yieldnodes – background checking

Update: Aug 26 2022. Last month I did a successful withdrawal after waiting over 6 months. No issues. Is it still risky? Of course, but it's still better than 1% using a bank for a bit of extra pocket money. Original ------ I'd like to think I'm a big skeptic and I don't take risks... Continue Reading →

No MariaDB after VPS Server migration – Oops

Overnight, my lovely hosting company decided that it was time to move me to a new server of their own infrastructure. That's fine, they'd sent me an email a few weeks ago, outlining the move saying nothing would happen. "During the migration, your VPS will be temporarily shut down to avoid any data loss and... Continue Reading →

Pi-Hole = no ads…

I decided to test out pi-hole for my raspberry pi, and see if I could stop ads. Well, on basic testing it's working. After testing a few sites, I needed for find an Australian website blocker. I found a short list here: https://v.firebog.net/hosts/static/w3kbl.txt As per the feed here:https://www.reddit.com/r/pihole/comments/mb9o95/australian_ad_block_lists/ It worked. I also added the full... Continue Reading →


Up until recently, I was happily running GLPI on my server, and all was good... until I upgraded the software... Yes, the upgrade worked, but... Up until recently, the application has been running fine, but now, it has the following message: Use of mysqlnd driver is required for exchanges with the MySQL server.L'utilisation du driver... Continue Reading →

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