A great Windows 10 default file association alternative

If you’ve come from the Windows 3 era, and come through the ranks to the latest version of Windows of 10 or 11, you’ll know that the default file association editor has changed recently, and is horrendous to use.

I’ve discovered a recent little gem called ‘Types’ and it’s simple, small and works.

When I say simple, I mean it’s features are simple, and there’s no bells and whistles, but it works.

You can download it from here: https://ystr.github.io/types/

I needed to update the wav files, and I just found the entry and added the program I needed with the correct arguments, and boom. it worked.

It’s GNU licensed, and there’s even a portable edition, plus you can download the c# source code too if you’d like.


Type your file extension.

Choose the program it should run with.



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