Yieldnodes – background checking

Update: Aug 26 2022.

Last month I did a successful withdrawal after waiting over 6 months. No issues. Is it still risky? Of course, but it’s still better than 1% using a bank for a bit of extra pocket money.

Original ——

I’d like to think I’m a big skeptic and I don’t take risks – as a general rule. In the past, I’ve tried playing with forex, mining bitcoin, buying and selling crypto coins, and to be honest, it hasn’t always gone well. Why? Well, I probably just got bored, saw a market drop and didn’t want to lose, and just rode with emotions. Yeah, just simple naive… So, that was all a long time ago. Markets ebb and flow and whatever… life just goes on.

At the same time there is opportunity to ‘invest’ – a term a I used lightly/generically – in the crypto space at do very well for yourself, like so many I’ve heard about, but there’s also opportunity to do no so well, which you tend not to hear about.

I’m not a day trader, don’t care too much about stocks, bonds, shares, coin prices or specifics – as far as watching daily prices. I’m a set and forget person, otherwise, I know I’ll get caught up and watch prices fluctuate, I’ll want to cash in, or buy up and I’ll buy at the top and sell at the bottom. Basically, I don’t want to deal with the ‘stuff’ of investing. This post is NOT financial advice – just my findings.

I’m a set and forget fella, and I just figure, there’s presently a lot of opportunity to invest and actually make a return – without doing a lot.

So far, I’ve found something and may (or may not) be that chance. Enter YieldNodes which are promising returns of close to 10% a month (at this stage).

The questions are, what is, is it trust worthy, does it actually return money, is it a ponzi, how sustainable is it, what are the returns, what’s the catch, who are these people, are you nuts, and why. Just why?

Firstly, this is a lazy mans investment. They do the work, and I do nothing and get a return… It’s that simple.

Firstly, I did research on these guys, ’cause I had to know, what the go was. Fortunately, you can sign up, and not actually do anything, and you can look at the website and see their latest emails that are sent. I observed this for a while, to see what was happening.

Then I started digging – here’s what I found (and hopefully I’m correct in what I’ve found)

Firstly, who is running the site, and what’s their background?

There are presently 4 names listed for the company called EXCEPTIONAL MEDIA LIMITED – YIELDNODES, but this is just the beginning, and I’ll explain more.

The current public facing people involved in this company are:


Project Coordination
Websites & Communication
Chat & Investor Relations

Speaks: English, Dutch, German

Other sites and projects:



Architect of Yieldnodes

Yegor Volnyyl

Project management
Data protection

Dima Tymoshenko

Management assistant
Partner Coordination
Technical Support

All these 4 people can be found on LinkedIn with a number of legitimate connections.

I’ve recently learnt that there are also about 12 people working for the “Yieldnodes Group” too, as per a recently Youtube interview I watched.

They have been publically mentioning that they are wanting more regulation in this crypto world and have also recently created a company in Malta called Decenomy PLC, which you can search for here:


Here are the results as on the Malta business registry that I have compiled:

So, the question is, who are the others listed in the documents?

This is what I’ve found. All Urs and Ulrich friends with Stefan on FB. Uwe was harder to track down, but he could just be a silent partner.


Stefan Hörmann


https://ipi.ag/ ~ A holding company which innovates energy solutions.
I have heard Stefan speak about other projects regarding energy related, so this could just be it…

The reason I posted that from the Malta registry, is to prove that this is a legitimate business – and for my own insanity. Plenty of Ponzi schemes come along and with websites these days, you can just hide your business from the public in the DNS records, but as these guys have gone public with their names, addresses, locations, passport details etc, there is no way they can escape the law, and it would really not be in their best interest at all – publically, privately and socially.

So, why Malta? Well, it’s presently easier to do a business like this in that country, but that’s where Stefan and Urs met and Urs lives there, and that’s where their man office is now..


You can see the Malta registry here as well: https://opencorporates.com/companies/mt/C99090

There is something that’s a little interesting, and most probably something to put in a tick box for life… getting mentioned in the Panama Papers.

Now, for me, this is no big deal. If you have accounts in what is known as offshore bank accounts, and you’re doing alright, you may have a bank account in Malta, Austria, Switzerland etc. So, in a way, this shouldn’t be surprising, or a concern.



I have to admit, it’s fun searching around when you go down a rabbit hole.


Anyway, so here’s the point. We know a little more of the people involved and that’s all fine.

What is it exactly, and how do they make (on average) 10% a month in profits for investors/members?


Here is a presentation file I found on YNs.

Stepfan’s friend Antony also does FX things as well. I present him here as an ally of Stefan, but to try and see if there is an collusion between the 2 as well, in an effort to promote and unrealistically inflate the YN hype.

Antony Kemble – Yieldnodesmonitor
Good friend of Stefan

I also recently heard that the membership of YN was in the vicinity of a small town (12k+ active) and from all of the audit videos that the bank account balances of YN was very healthy as well.

They also state on their website the following:

A projected 5-15% pure profit – paid out every month, and with an interesting twist on our side:
Should the yield drop below 5% for 3 consecutive months, your rental payment will be returned along with any accrued profits (if compounded). No fuss – no quibbling!

~ Yieldnodes.com

That’s a pretty promising return.

So, what don’t I know or understand, probably lots.

The location given for the office, on the website: Why is it originally based in HK I have no idea, but probably a tax opportunity. This question was answered by a YN auditor.

Q10. What are the legal and regulatory guidelines, and how will YN monitor emerging regulatory considerations? I know they mentioned this and I do understand it is difficult to classify and regulate the Crypto business but would be nice to know how they are equipped to manage this if any law restricts them – will they move to another jurisdiction for example.
A10. We plan to move from Hong Kong to Switzerland and get a Finma regulation but it is a stony and long road and a lot of work for lawyers.. we got the ball rolling but an exact time frame we cannot give.. because it usually takes longer than the assumptions .. from experience

Here’s the location details: Exceptional Media Limited

Flat A, 15/F, Hillier Commercial Bldg.
65-67 Bonham Strand East
Sheung Wan
Hong Kong
Sales and Support

Phone: +356 999 572 17

That location is here: https://www.google.com/maps/@22.2859485,114.1519315,3a,73.2y,286.73h,135.67t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sfvwwvtYnEUxn66f56QHPRw!2e0!5s20191001T000000!7i16384!8i8192

My thought is that it could be where Exception Media Limited the company name is just registered to, such as a holding or administration company, or it could be used for tax purposes. As I say, I have no idea.

Funnily enough, that address does show up in the Paradise Papers leaks, as does Exceptional Media Limited: https://offshoreleaks.icij.org/nodes/55072577.

I still think this is a legitimate business who are making some serious money in the crypto and defi worlds right now, more than others, but without crazy hype and crazy promises. I’m not a risk taker, and this is a very level headed team.

And, just for the record, I’m not trying to discredit the YN team at all. I’m just a sceptic wanting to know more. But, so far, so good. I can only say good things, as I continue to watch them with more and more interest.

The way I see it, the banks aren’t giving any interest of significance right now, and so if you’re happy with that, you may as well stick your money in the ground and bury it. I’m keen to at least try something. If I ultimately lose out in the end, lesson learnt, just like starting a business. But, the least I can do is give this a try and see if it makes me any money. So far, I’ve had around 40% ROI, in just under 6 months. Pretty good if you ask me. €600 ROI of €1470 invested ($2k AUD).

If you’ve got this far and appreciate my research and want to sign up, please, feel free to use my affiliate link. Disclaimer: I’m told I get 5% from deposits. I’ve never tried it, and thought I’d give it a go.

Sign up and have a look by using my tracking/affiliate link: https://yieldnodes.com?a=MyKawjWWNwj6qAW&trk=mytracking911

Update: 2022 April:
It’s still going strong, and here you can see the amount that that I’m up to so far. It’s quite remarkable.

Just remember though:

Yieldnodes is a server rental program, NOT a trading investment. It is not related to trading cryptos or currencies in any way. It is not regulated or supervised by any financial entity, and has never claimed to be. Its a project made by crypto enthusiasts for other enthusiasts of cryptocurrency and masternoding.

Results are NOT guaranteed, and are highly dependant on cryptocurrency markets doing well.

Participants’ funds are used to set up servers that operate as masternodes and to stake small volume coins which allow those servers to partake in crypto network activities and generate more coins. The proceeds are shared 85% to participants and 15% to the program (the rental payment).

Update August.

It’s still working fine for me. It’s still high risk. But it’s better than the 1% the bank are giving in pocket money. You’ll notice that the MasterNoded balance is less than the previous update, and that’s because I was able to withdraw some pocket money. Not bad if you ask me.

Sign up and have a look by using my tracking/affiliate link: https://yieldnodes.com?a=MyKawjWWNwj6qAW&trk=mytracking911


11 thoughts on “Yieldnodes – background checking

Add yours

    1. Hey Fredi, plenty of people rent apartments. I’ve watched most of the interviews Steve has appeared in, and he’s often mentioned that he owns hotels… So in a way, this doesn’t surprise me.

  1. Good digging.

    Fredi has a point. The HK address is infamous. It’s a rent-an-office-to-get-the-rights-to-register-a-company-place. A place for virtual offices. Companies like this can get you one of those:

    There’s a smaller forest of red flags.
    Many are probably false positives, but some may be hot.
    Regardless, if the leadership of YN doesn’t understand why they’re getting scam listed by financial entities it’s a red flag of its own.
    It’s almost like they’ve made their best efforts to appear illegit.
    Arrogance or incompetence?

    What also raises serious questions are Urs’s “explanations” about why Sapphire has taken a hit. He seems to understand next to nothing about trading, or he’s cooking up a story.
    Further, he seems to be driven by ideology and feelings, rather than hard facts. Some of his statements about our financial system are laugh provoking at best.

    The “crypto world” seems to never learn a thing about how the real world works. Diverging opinions, justified questions, digging into what may be a cause for alarm are branded FUD or negativity. Voices they may learn from are silenced.
    They seem to need a safe space. A place with cotton, rainbows and roses. A place to cuddle and dream.
    Reality is very different.

    A lot, I really mean a lot, more can be said about YN, but for the time being I’ll rest my case. No one in the sect are interested anyway. It’s better to let them sleep and dream in their safe place. They will be awaken later.

    1. So you knew about all this what’s happening now already in September? Are you from Muddy Waters short sellers? Why didn’t you warn? Why didn’t you or Stepehn post in Facebook forums all info? Where can I see all research you have?

      1. * I had started to look into it in spring. Probably March or April. That was when I noticed the first warning flags.
        * No. I had a connection to them in the past. I obviously made a habitual mistake.
        * I did warn those willing to listen. Some did. Some didn’t.
        * I can’t speak for Stephen, but I did post some of my findings and was within minutes kicked out from the group and my post was deleted.
        * You can’t. I’m still collecting, but at the time being I’m only handing out small pieces of info here and there, where and when it’s relevant.

  2. I guess they all woke up now.https://www.facebook.com/groups/communitygroupyieldnodes/posts/1526780447756896/

    I reached out to the ever so goofy Liam Dyson, to hand over some of the red flags and some solid info. No answers.

    I have also contacted the leadership of YN/Decenomy to no avail.

    The sheep mentality in a group is always amazing and amusing.
    Before Urs & Co were gods.
    No “FUD”, not even a short and innocent question was allowed. Liam and Vicard made sure of that.
    All hail the ever growing tree!
    All hail the only exception in the world economy!
    All hail YieldNodes!

    Reality come crashing in like a ton of bricks.
    Now all the sheep smell blood and turn into jackals and hyenas.

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