Pi-Hole = no ads…

I decided to test out pi-hole for my raspberry pi, and see if I could stop ads.

Well, on basic testing it’s working.

After testing a few sites, I needed for find an Australian website blocker.

I found a short list here: https://v.firebog.net/hosts/static/w3kbl.txt

As per the feed here:

It worked.

I also added the full ‘Advertisting Lists’ from here too: https://firebog.net/

It actually broke a website I like, Ars Technica, by breaking the videos.

That can be fixed with the following Regex whitelist:



Then, the videos worked again. All good.

However, after playing for 10 minutes, there’s a part of me that loves the tracking and ability to see what has been blocked on the Raspberry Pi, but It’s creating a slower browsing experience – at this stage.

I’ll see how I go in the future though.


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