Up until recently, I was happily running GLPI on my server, and all was good… until I upgraded the software…

Yes, the upgrade worked, but…

Up until recently, the application has been running fine, but now, it has the following message:

Use of mysqlnd driver is required for exchanges with the MySQL server.
L'utilisation du driver mysqlnd est requise pour les échanges avec le serveur MySQL.

So, what did I do? I went searching.

Fortunately, someone else has the same problem as well, and the following issue was reported, but it didn’t really help me on a resolution:

I contacted my server, and they answered with the following:

I am sorry about the trouble that you are experiencing with mysqlnd driver is required error, please don't hesitate to write back. We're always here to help. 
Kindly please enable the nd_mysqli module to resolve this. You can enable the same from cPanel >> Select PHP version.

I gave it a go, and after turning off “mysqli” for the “nd_mysqli”, the problem was solved.

So, good job A2Hosting for the quick and precise support. 🙂


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