StationPlaylist Schedule auditing

I know this is really premature of me to post something like this, but I’ve been working on this project for several months now, and it is something that we have stated to use in-house, and so hopefully others will want to use it too.

I come from many years of using various radio softwares, and often you expect software to have X feature, or do X task in a way that others have done them.

One of the things that radio broadcasting software has is scheduling software. Whether it be a 3rd party that does it, or it’s done natively, you can’t avoid it.

StationPlaylist has a great little scheduler, and it works well.

As we run multiple radio stations from various parts of the world, we have a need to be able audit the stations, to see what is on them and do it at a glance.

Yes, we can load each dataset in to SPL Creator can do this, but, not in a quick and easy way with the detail we want. I want an an overview of what is happening quickly and easily, and I don’t have to schedule to see the forecasted results.

One other big thing is that it has hourly clocks so you can see the structure of each hour and rotation.

I have been working on this.

This software is presently in ALPHA, but is working well and not all features are finished, nor is the program shown is the final product

The real beauty of it is that you can choose a date and it will load the schedule template, according to what you’ve programmed in SPL Creator.

This is completely read-only of the SPL database and does not modify it.

You can print out weekly audit schedules, and station guides as well.

So, if you wanted to check your Christmas programming for example, or a special event for a week, or similar, you could look in advance of what you’d programmed, to confirm what you’ve done and look for errors.

As shown above, here is an example of the current week selected.

The following image is a list of schedules where you can also click on each rotation and see the content templates.

For fun, this is what a Christmas week could look like. I’ve clicked on one of the Christmas day hour rotations and it has highlighted each time that rotation is used, and also, it displays what schedules it is also used in. In this example, it’s only playing on Christmas day rotations.

If you wanted to go all out, you can print the full HTML with the audit rotation contents.

Or, maybe you’re just after a quick list for each hour…

It’s presently not for sale yet, but I thought I’d give a sneak peek.


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