Using SourceTree with AWS CodeCommit

Managed to import my project from AWS to SourceTree. Here’s the screenshots workflow. Hopefully this helps you too.

How to import AWS codecommit GIT projects with SourceTree.

Create a key

C:\> ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096

After trying to add an AWS repository to a Mac using SourceTree for a few hours – I would simply not recommend trying it.

If you want to use AWS and SourceTree, don’t bother. It’s not worth the effort. I couldn’t get it to marry up to add a secondary remote connection. It seems SourceTree is more concerned about working with their own product BitBucket and GitHub (generally speaking) than other integrations.

It’s disappointing. So, instead of using AWS CodeCommit as a repository, I simply won’t – because it doesn’t work on Mac with SourceTree using an SSH connection.

If you’ve managed to do it, please let me know how with a comment below, and a link with a great article on how you did it, but after spending a few hours, I couldn’t find a way.

As you can see in this list, it has Unknown, but that Host Rool URL is actually not editable.

If you want to use SourceTree, stick with what they have on offer with BitBucket.

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