VMWare Fusion vs VirtualBox CPU consumption

I’ve used both extensively in the past, and after swapping over to VMWare Fusion Free Personal edition, I’ve discovered something quite interesting.

My Current settings:


VirtualBox Graphical User Interface
Version 6.1.18 r142142 (Qt5.6.3)
Copyright © 2021 Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

VMWare Fusion:

Using VirtualBox on my MacMini 2018 (3.2 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7) with 64GB of RAM, I was finding it was producing thermal throttling and bring the temperature up to about 90 degrees celsius at times. While this isn’t super hot, it borders on what the MacMini likes, and so fans kick in.

My previous MacPro used to handle the temperatures fine with no thermal throttling, however, this new MacMini performs better giving the higher CPU and SSD performance.

However, the biggest thing is CPU usage when Windows is idle.

VirtualBox sits at about 180% CPU

Whereas VMWare sits around 60% CPU usage

The other big thing is that the sound works in VMWare, whereas I couldn’t get audio to work properly in VirtualBox on a Windows 10 VM with MacOS 11.2.3 as the host.

One problem I do have is that Windows in VMWare won’t boot up with the Network device attached. I have to “Disconnect Network Adapter” before it boots, otherwise it hangs before the login screen.

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