StationPlaylist Hooks

To get your station really singing, I’d suggest using Hooks.

What is a hook you say? A hook is a 10 second snippet of the meat of the song, such as the bit that gets stuck in your head, or a snippet of the chorus or similar.

So, how does this make the station sound good? Well, sometimes you may hear an announcer using the hooks saying “Coming up soon you’ll hear this, {play hook}, some of this {play hook } and some of this {play hook}. Right now, it’s X band with their song X.”

The question is, how do you make this automatic, without having to have an manual intervention everytime? I’m glad you asked. StationPlaylist makes this very easy by using Break Notes to achieve this. To get that exact aforementioned scenario to happen, it’s pretty easy, and I’ll show you the secret.

Firstly, to do this automated, you’ll need a script that is written, and the following audio, put in to their own categories”

  • “Here’s what’s coming up in the next 15 minutes on My Station”
  • “And This great song”, “And this”, “Some of this”
  • “Right now, here’s another great hit on My Station”.

Each of those dot points should have their own category so we can get them playing the right order. It’s also a good idea to have lots of versions of that text, so that this feature doesn’t burn too quickly.

After you have created and added those 3 categories, you’ll need to add the audio. After that, the magiv can happen.

Purely for demonstration purposes, here is a rotation that has a 3 song hook added to it.

As seen, above, the (and for the purposes of this demo, there is a song category called ‘TEST’, which has only 9 songs in it.

The text outlined in red are categories, and match the text categories mentioned above. The “*Hook=X” texts are a break note, that when triggered, will play the Hook X number of songs down the list. So, in this instance, it will only play the hooks of the 3 songs after the song with plays after “.__Here’s another great Hit” category.

Why do it this way? Well, we are creating anticipation, and if a listener knows or hears a favourite song hook, they may just want to stay on longer to listen.

Here’s what this rotation looks like in StationPlaylist before it has been played

You notice that the Hooks have not been decided, or activated yet. Don’t worry, this happens as SPL Studio gets to them They then look like the following:

And the station continues on.

The above playout was not done in automation, hence why there are tick boxes shown.

It’s a simple and effective method for making your station sound great.

As with most hooks, they have reasonably hard markers at the cue points, so it may be worth adding sound effects or a background sound on your audio files.

So far for this scenario, the audio files for categories are saved with fixed crossfades, and are set as “normal” audio files, rather than “Song intro”, “Voice Intro” etc., and it seems to work fine.

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