Text to Speech WAV

To make this work properly, you need to make sure you have the right speech pack installed:


The other thing, is to make sure the voices you want to use are enabled correctly.

On Windows 10 – and I have not tested this on anything else, so use it at your own risk!

You will need to run a PowerShell Script, as outlined here: https://gist.github.com/hiepxanh/8b6ad80f6d620cd3eaaaa5c1d2c660b2



$sourcePath = 'HKLM:\software\Microsoft\Speech_OneCore\Voices\Tokens' #Where the OneCore voices live
$destinationPath = 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Speech\Voices\Tokens' #For 64-bit apps
$destinationPath2 = 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\SPEECH\Voices\Tokens' #For 32-bit apps
cd $destinationPath
$listVoices = Get-ChildItem $sourcePath
foreach($voice in $listVoices)
$source = $voice.PSPath #Get the path of this voices key
copy -Path $source -Destination $destinationPath -Recurse
copy -Path $source -Destination $destinationPath2 -Recurse

Do NOT run this script more than once, because you will get double entries, and who knows if it will break things.

Basically, what it will do is read the voices you have listed as installed, and then copy some registry values to enable them in third party programs, as explained here: https://www.ghacks.net/2018/08/11/unlock-all-windows-10-tts-voices-system-wide-to-get-more-of-them/

If you don’t understand Power Shell, or Regedit, then don’t be running these scripts.


Sometimes, you may get security problems, so elevating the script may also be required.

This is what happens when the aforementioned happens.

However, when it does run, our registry entries look like this originally:

Then, they look like this:


Next steps are getting a program called Balabolka.


We are going to need the console version for this task.


If you don’t have the correct voice fix installed, you will not be able to use the correct voice you want.

I wanted to have James, but I couldn’t.


But after those fixes, James worked.

I’d also suggest that if you want to script this, it may be easier to use a config file.

-f c:\balabolka\script.txt
-w c:\balabolka\script.wav 
-n James
-s -1
-p -1
-v 95
-e 300
-d d:\Dict\rules.bxd

So, when you now run balcon.exe, you get a wave file with the text file the script.


You can listen to the weather script here without any fixes. This is the Microsoft James voice.

After fixing the paragraphs and changing the voice, this is the Microsoft Catherine voice.



It doesn’t sound great at first, but it’s workable. You can also hear where the end of the line is. This can probably fixed with automation, but it’s a bit of fun.

This is where the script came from: ftp://ftp.bom.gov.au/anon/gen/fwo/IDD10111.txt

If will not be the same as this one below, as it changes regularly, but as an example, you get the idea.

As a trial run, this is the script:

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
Northern Territory

Northern Territory Forecast
Issued at 5:00 am CST on Wednesday 17 June 2020
for the period until midnight CST Saturday 20 June 2020.

Warning Information
For latest warnings go to www.bom.gov.au, subscribe to RSS feeds, call 1300 659
210* or listen for warnings on relevant TV and radio broadcasts.

Weather Situation
A high pressure system over southern Australia is moving east as the next
trough approaches from WA. While the easterly flow will persist over the Top
End for the next few days, winds in the south will tend northerly, resulting in
temperatures rising again in the south. The change will move through late on
Friday, dropping temperatures in the south to around average for this time of

Forecast for the rest of Wednesday 17 June
A slight chance of showers in the far northeast Arnhem District. Sunny
elsewhere. Light to moderate east to southeast winds, fresh at times during the
morning and early afternoon, particularly south of Elliot.

Fire Danger: 
High to Very High in the Tiwi, Daly, Gregory, Carpentaria and western Arnhem

Forecast for Thursday 18 June
A slight chance of morning showers in the far northeast Arnhem District. Sunny
elsewhere. Areas of morning frost across the Simpson District. A warmer day in
the south. Light to moderate east to southeast winds, tending northeast to
northwest in the southern Tanami, western Simpson and Lasseter Districts during
the afternoon.

Forecast for Friday 19 June
A slight chance of showers in the far eastern Arnhem District. Sunny elsewhere
before some cloud develops along the eastern border during the evening. Warmer
in the south. Light to moderate east to southeast winds, tending northeast to
northwest south of Barrow Creek ahead of a south to southwest change developing
over the Lasseter District later in the day.

Forecast for Saturday 20 June
A slight to medium chance of showers in the far eastern Arnhem District. Sunny
elsewhere after early morning cloud along the eastern border. Cooler south of
Barrow Creek. Light to moderate east to southeast winds, fresh and gusty during
the morning in the Lasseter and Simpson Districts.

The next routine forecast will be issued at 4:30 pm CST Wednesday.

* Calls to 1300 numbers cost around 27.5c inc GST, higher from mobiles or
public phones.

Copyright Commonwealth of Australia 2011, Bureau of Meteorology (ABN 92 637 533
532). Users of these web pages are deemed to have read and accepted the
conditions described in the Copyright, Disclaimer, and Privacy statements

As a side note, there is also Amazon Polly and Google’s Cloud Text-to-Speech.

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