Amazing what the internet can find – Vinyl Cutter Drivers

I’ve recently got a vinyl cutter, and so have gone down the path of trying things out. I bought some software to use with it, and played with a few drivers and boom, it worked… until the other day.

Yesterday, I thought I’d swap things over to my laptop on High Sierra. Suddenly, the cutter didn’t work on the MacPro, or the MacBookPro laptop. So… what do you do?

Well, originally, (I think) I had used the drivers from here, as suggested from this site

This appears to be a very common driver for mac, which is needed to emulator a serial port via USB (even though my cutter is actually coming via a USB cable anyway).

So,  today after hunting around for a very long time and eventually establishing that the software was fine and the printer was fine, it pin-pointed it to a driver problem.

The rabbit hole went a long way down, to the point where I eventually entered the apple hardware id of my cutter, and stumbled across this post who had my exact numbers and the same problem, only it was outlined with even more detail:

The link at the bottom was the final key to the solution which pointed me to the following site with a driver!

It appears to be working on the laptop for the moment in High Sierra!

I have a HL-721 Vinyl Cutter, which I think is a Chinese generic brand, and it works in the software Sure Cuts a Lot as a GoldCut JK. “Plotter Generic”, with the model being HPGL.

This site also pointed to the suggestion of using a generic cutter too:

So, now the update for Mojave on the MacPro4,1->5,1.

I have a USB 3 Hub, with a mixture of USB 2 and 3 ports. It doesn’t want to work through the hub, using the various drivers – FTDI, ch340 etc.

But, it started working for me again, when I took it out of the hub, and ran directly in to a USB 2 port via an extension lead.

At the moment, I’ve got the FTDI driver active, and the GoldCut JK plotter set.

Strange. But, that’s computers for you!



Latest update: 20200620.

I did try and use those settings originally for the cutter, however, I found that the GoldCut settings weren’t right for me, and that while doing a test cut, there were directions given somehow, that made the cutter go on it’s own weird path.

I remembered that on the tablet I’d used a different setting. So, I changed the MacPro to the following, where it was successful!

My Cutter: Plotter Generic
Model: HPGL
Port: Auto (or the serial one) usbserial-320

Update 20211024

In the past, I’ve been running Sure Cuts A Lot on my laptop, but I now have a MacMini i7, which is my primary computer. After trying a bunch of options, I’ve finally got it to work using JK as the model number.

If you do want help finding your chipset drivers, I’d suggest having a look at this program.

As you can see, the USB serial option I used.

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