I’m sick of SPAM emails!

Not sure about you, but I get the occasional SPAM email, but in the last several weeks, it’s just going stupid.

So, if you have CPanel and have horde as your main email program you can run filters to automatically delete these emails.

I have the following rule:

Screenshot 2019-08-20 00.08.38.png

So far, it’s removed the majority of them.

To find the IP address to block (or the portion of)… show the email source headers and you’ll see something like this:

Received: from vpsnode12.webstudio26.com ([]:42759 helo=mail.securednet.net)

As the *.200 IP is a little too specific, there’s a chance that the emails are coming for a range of IPs if that block, so just drop off the last digits of the IP address and this could/should slow your SPAM.

Good luck.


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