Zetta vs StationPlaylist

Firstly, both radio playout systems are good. They just have a different set of features, and strengths and weaknesses.


Things Zetta has over SPL:

  • Ability to script the loading of audio
  • Multi-User customisation and granular permissions
  • Real-time manipulation of the playout log over network from any Zetta computer
  • A truly networked system
  • Completely database driven system
  • Multiple redundancy points
  • Connectivity with multiple Zetta sites/offices.
  • Cross Platform IVT – through web browser with Zetta2Go
  • Visual Segue Editor for the log
  • Visual Cue audio editing on files
  • Can run multiple stations from the same database
  • A non-fixed location database
  • Built-in Audio Editor
  • Multipoint audio ducking for segues
  • World wide team of 24/7 support
  • Better on-air sound
  • Better integration of the Library of songs, links and ads in the system as a whole


When integrated with GSelector as the scheduler:

  • Granular hourly depart restrictions
  • Unscheduling and scheduling of specific categories
  • Complicated Artist separation
  • Programming can be scheduled from any computer with GSelector on it
  • Multiple schedules for different stations
  • Can easily see when the station is scheduled, and what is missing from the log – very helpful when programs are delayed from suppliers.
  • Can schedule music and programming separately, or Ids, or links etc.


Advantages of SPL over Zetta

  • Smaller program size
  • Cheaper to purchase and on-going maintenance
  • Buy out licence
  • Less resources required to run it
  • DSP Plugin effects built in for audio sound
  • Streaming Module is included
  • One small database
  • Simple Audio Metadata/playlist history is stored in files
  • Lower minimum hardware requirements
  • Less computers required to run it
  • Can run on Linux or Mac (through Wine)
  • Easy to find audio, based on it’s Windows File system architecture.
  • Scheduling of programs can be potentially quicker, (but can easily be broken if a reschedule is required)

These are just the things I can think of, but I know there are plenty more differences, and similarities.

Both systems share many things in common, of which many are standard, such as Live assist, Automation, GPIO etc.

I made a comparison a few years ago here:

If you really want to know how good Zetta is, and see it fly from a guy who uses it daily at a commercial station, this video is a must see. The things on this video that are done, can not be done in SPL on the fly like this.

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