Cloudflare is great – most of the time.

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So for the last month or so, I’ve given a few sites the Cloudflare boost. The DNS has come up faster, pages and the sites work much better.

However, I’ve discovered something it doesn’t work so well for…

I run GLPI and it’s great for computer digital asset management.

However today I discovered how frustrating it can be as well for certain applications. On my CMS and other static sites I have no problems with it, as it compresses the JS, CSS and HTML for speed – which is good.

But. As it turns out, GLPI doesn’t play nicely with a feature that CloudFlare offer. Granted, they call it BETA technology so I will give them that, but, after having upgraded my version to the latest and still have it breaking and breaking other parts that were not broken originally, I managed to finally figure out the problem.

The JS that Cloudflare inserts breaks pretty much every “html::” POST class in GLPI.

So, the solution is to disable what they call “Rocketscript”, and your site will work fine.

These pages will explain it a little better:


One thought on “Cloudflare is great – most of the time.

    Stephen Monro responded:
    October 25, 2017 at 9:12 pm

    Further to this, CloudFlare’s rocketscript can also break jQuery and bootstrap too.

    Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined bootstrap.min.js:6

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