Shoutcast. Server.

Ok, so while I’m on the topic of using Winamp on macs and so on, I thought it was time to bust out where to find the instructions of where to download the current ShoutCast DNAS server from.

The name is kind of appropriate, as I’ll be running it from d’NAS… 😉

At the moment Nullsoft seem to be slowly undergoing changes (again) and thus the software is being developed.


They do have the legacy tools still available on their servers. You just have to search for them.


There are plenty on how to instructions. The problem is trying to find the software in the first place.

Oh, there is also some other software called ShoutCastGUI, but I found this software frustrating, as it wanted to post my playlist and radio station to an online location somewhere, and had the most annoying NAG screens ever.

So while ShoutCastGUI did a great job at what it was designed to do, it was also not the tool for me. I just wanted to be able to set up a stream inside my house and not publish it. The config was easy, but there was too much other stuff… like a chat server? Why that’s there, I don’t know. But it is what it is. Hat’s off to the devs though, it’s a good program. I just don’t need all the extra stuff.

So for a bare-bones setup, just stick with the above links I’ve listed.

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