Lost Radio Software

On rare occasions does good software come along that is free. The trouble is, on even rarer occasions is that it suddenly disappears because a domain name was hijacked or hacked and the owner doesn’t do anything else about it.

I discovered this happened with a program called “Digicart PC”.

You can learn more here at the archive.org site:

I’m posting this to see if the developer can re-release it, or the source code. I have no idea who it is.

I have managed to find a copy of this rare radio software and make it available:

Download: digicartpc_setup.exe
(alt download)

It’s actually released as freeware.

After a little digging around I discovered the actual registration code is 123456. After that you can, enter your name. (As found here)

These are the features of it:

Play audio and video files using Windows
or ASIO drivers. For XP, Vista and Windows7.

  • 8 pages of 42 buttons, 336 in total.
  • For each button
    • Assign a media file – any format.
    • Set Volume, Pan, Varispeed.
    • Fade In, Fade Out, Loop.
    • Start on mouse, midi, GPI, keyboard.
    • Start on timecode – midi or SMPTE.
    • Stop other samples on play.
    • Stop and re-cue or Pause.
    • Buzzers and Bells.
    • Playlists, songlists and Surround.
    • Set button caption and colour.
    • Assign to any available output.
    • Switcher control by P-Bus.
  • Plus CD Ripper and CD Burner.
  • Very quick, very simple.
  • Completely free of charge,
    but if you find it useful – send a tenner!
  • Absolutely no guarantee whatsoever.


It’s a great little program that let’s you use it as “Hotkeys”. Yep, just drag audio on to the program, and left click to play, or right click to stop.

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