Shoutcast on a VPS using StationPlaylist

Getting a stream of my own and played to the internet has been a long term dream of mine, not only to use commercially, but also to see if I could do it. (sorry, I’m not telling you my URL as yet)

For the most past, this tutorial will work for you, however there were a couple of things that I got hung up on.

Firstly, the firewall problem. As I’ve tried to lock down my server as best as possible, we had to let traffic in and out. To test that it works, just try and telnet to your host and port number and you will quickly tell if the port is open.

Using iptables, this can be simply done with: (replace ##### with your port number)

iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport ###### -j ACCEPT

I’d been using another tutorial as well, and so between them both, I was able to get it working well.
There were a couple of teething problems in getting everything connected, but this site was also very good, as a tutorial and a trial and testing. The URL mentioned for the Winamp streamer is not working, however I found it from another site:

StationPlaylist has it’s own streamer built in, and once configured, it works well. The main problem is it doesn’t give good responses of what is failing to prevent it from connecting to the streaming service. When you are doing this, just make sure you get the password correct.

You can find it here under the mixer table. The checkbox on Main Player called “Use Mixer” must also be checked.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 12.30.00.png

Then, make sure the “SPL_Encoder” is checked. Click on encoder and then edit all of your settings to match your server.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 12.25.28

These should be self explanatory.

Server IP: The IP address of your VPS server which is listening to the port your provide. This can also be a domain name as well, such as “”,”localhost” etc.

Server Port: The port that you have opened, and connect to.

Username and Password: Depending on your setup, these will be adjusted in your config file.

This will be what you have set for “streampassword_1” as in the sc_serv.conf file.

To listen to your new stream, just open up VLC and enter the URL.

For private use, you won’t have any dramas with streaming your own content. Once you go public, then it opens up to a whole new world of artist licensing fees… You have been warned.

If you run top from your console, you’ll see that it shouldn’t be consuming more than 1%.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 12.48.01




I’m looking at this topic again, and to make life easier, I’d created a file called

(Examplified) With the following content:

case $1 in

 cd /home/streamer/shoutcast_software/
 ./sc_serv &

 killall sc_serv

 cd /home/streamer/shoutcast_software/
 ./sc_serv daemon

echo "Usage radio start|stop|start_daemon"
echo "connect to:"

This makes life easier to start or stop the streaming service(s) you have, so that you just run the commands:

radio start


radio stop










1Help 2Wrap 3Quit 4Hex 5Goto 6 7Search 8Raw 9Format 10Quit

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