Using Winamp to convert BWF MPEG2 files?

Well, here’s something you don’t get very often: Folders full of ‘WAV’ files, but are actually encoded strangely. For those of you who have used the RCS software called Master Control, you’ll know that they convert the files to a ‘wav’ format, however it’s not a typical Windows PCM file. In fact, chances are it’s actually a WAV file with an wrapper of MPEG 2 Audio Layer III encoding. Yep, what a mouthful.

Audition for Mac thinks it’s a Quicktime: MPEG Layer 3 file. (but quicktime and Audition will play them)
Windows: Winamp thinks it’s an MPEG-1 Layer 2 256kbit.
VLC and Audacity won’t touch them either on both platforms.
Audition for Wndows (v3) won’t touch them either.

While these files are great for broadcast, there’s a big problem in using them anywhere else. You’ll be able to play them in Windows Media Player, and that’s really about it, because it’s a bit of an obsqure format.

From a discussion I had here on an Adobe forum post, you can see the problems outlined, however it’s not the end of the world.

You can, generally speaking go and download DBPoweramp and decode the files to a different format if you wish. Or, you can try a different approach…

Download Winamp (yep, that great 2000’s music player) that is still going strong.

Get the plugin we need to create MP3 Files:

Configure Winamp firstly:

Go to Preferences: Input: Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder 4.6 (in_mp3.dll)
and add “;WAV” to the extension list. (not kidding)

Go to Preferences: Input: Nullsoft Waveform Decoder 3.16 (in_wave.dll)
and unselect “WAV” from the extension list.

Check this will play your wav file first, then…

Go to Preferences: Output: Lame MP3 Writer plug-in v1.6.4 (out_lame.dll)
and choose all the settings you need. Make sure you choose the output path, and also Find the Lame DLL too.

Then, when the files are in your playlist, make sure shuffle and repeat are off, and hit play on the first file. It will now convert your music files to MP3, saved in your set location.

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