A Canon 7D Mark 1 issue – “Cannot communicate with battery”

So, if you are reading this, chances are you have a 7D and it’s got an issue with the batteries not working.

For years, I’ve had the battery grip BG-E7, and it’s worked fine – up until recently. I tried cleaning contacts, even bought two new batteries. However, today I have just solved the problem with the help of this video: (It’s not me by the way)

I also took some photos along the way of the repair to show my exact results too.

The short version is, a screw becomes loose, and therefore creates issues inside the camera. You need to find the screw in the camera body, and then reinsert it.

I used superglue to hold it tight.


I opened the camera and found the screw missing – just as suggested!


After a quick search, I found it stuck to the motor inside. I’m guessing the magnets in the motor have a secondary job now!7D-Camera---fixed-2015-03-24-13.51.32

Once I retrieved the screw, I put it back in a used a little bit of super glue, and close it back up. It’s all working now.

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