SOX MP3 support

So, you may or may not use SOX, a powerful audio editor, manipulator and all round great command line tool, but I’ve recently been using it for some scripting and batch files.

If you use the program, you may find that when joining MP3 layer 3 files of a high quality, say 320kbps with SOX, that it always outputs the files as 64kbps mono? It took me a while to track a solution down for this, but I found it in the end after various documents and posts on the internet.

Well, it’s a problem no more, and you don’t have to compile a win32, x84 or x64 port LAME version in to it. It should work out of the box. (Not sure about Linux, or Mac OSX but it should be the same).

Just use the program this way, and problem solved!

sox 1stfilein.mp3 2ndfilein.mp3 -C 320.0 fileout.mp3

I don’t know if the LAME files needs to be in the same path (I did), but the above code worked for me. I hope this helps all you “scripters” out there.

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