New Canon 7D firmware 2.0.0

It is with a slight sense of excitement that I write this, because after owning a 7D for many years, they have finally updated the firmware in the camera to include the single biggest feature it lacked.

The 7D now has manual audio level control!!

Why is this significant you ask?

When it comes to filming, picture quality is very important, however, as a bit of an audio phreak for quality, the 7D didn’t cut it at all. Why? Because it has a feature known as auto gain…

What auto gain does is detects the volume of the audio, and if it’s quiet, it boosts the levels. Now suppose you are in a quiet room, and you want the audio to have no noise in the background? Tough luck. The camera auto turns up the detection of the quietness, and bam! You hear sounds that weren’t there all of a sudden.

This new manual feature is of huge benefit to all the 7D users.

Thanks heaps Canon!!!

Here’s my update photos…







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