Dear Apple Australia. Please adjust your iTunes store

Dear Apple Australia,

I’m writing to ask you to update the genres that you categorise the music in the Australian iTunes Store and change the way the account system works to be able to buy from “International” stores.

Your big brother US store has a lot more content and genres, so why aren’t they matched?

My first concern is that music styles are being mixed in with the wrong types, of which the main category of concern is “Inspirational”.
For instance, the US store doesn’t have this genre under the music category. It simply doesn’t exist. I notice instead that those deemed “Inspirational” are instead placed into a better fitting category such as “Christian and Gospel”. Why does this category not exist in the Australian one?

If you have a look at the types of songs that are in the Australian Inspirational list, you’ll see “I still Call Australia Home”, mixed in with worship songs about God. These songs couldn’t be further from with each other. How these two types of songs be listed together has got me baffled.

So why doesn’t Apple Australia reorganised this? Is it because no one in there knows Christian music? Is it not cost effective as far as sales go? Why not just duplicate the US version and adjust the prices accordingly to the Australian matched ones?

There is so much good new Christian music that I think we as Aussies are missing out on.

How or why are we missing out? I’ll try to explain.

If one browses the US version of the site, there are plenty of genres someone can look at and see. We can look at and listen to all the artists and songs we what.
The problem comes when you want to buy the song, which is my second point.
If we want to purchase a song or video we like, iTunes suddenly is displays a message along the lines of “Oops, you need to change store because your account only works in Australia”. So now we’ve just lost our place of where we were on the charts and we are now back to the Australian home page with the browsing history cleared and saying to ourselves “Where was that song I just wanted to buy?”.

The iTunes store works great. Except for these two points.

Working in the radio industry this kind of thing would be very beneficial.

I ask you sincerely, please make some changes.

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